20 April 2007

Friday Abe Vigoda Blogging

Yesterday the Akron Beacon Journal was able to help put one of its readers discover a little-known film starring The Artist Formerly Known as Fish:

I am trying to find the name of a movie on DVD. I recall two actors in it, Lee Majors and Abe Vigoda. 1980s or '90s. A mix of action, comic, drama. Where to find it?

Sounds like Keaton's Cop, a 1988 production with Majors, Vigoda and Don Rickles, among others. It was released on VHS, and I have seen used copies for sale for as little as 97 cents on www.amazon.com. (Also a copy purporting to be unused, for $3.) I did not find a DVD. But, if you have an old laserdisc player, eBay has some laserdisc copies for sale.

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