12 February 2007

Monkey-nappers demand ransom for Seymore’s return

Monkeys have hopes
Monkeys have dreams
Monkeys are victims of kidnapping schemes!

Greg Giles opened his Grease Monkey auto lubrication franchise in Durango just more than a month ago.

The company's huge inflatable monkey was stolen from Giles' business Friday night or Saturday morning.

"I'm a new member of the community here, and I love it, but I can honestly say I never expected anything like this," Giles said.

The case exceeded routine mischief when Giles found a ransom note in a cutout-letter style where his 20-foot monkey, Seymore, used to sit on the roof at his business on River Road, south of Home Depot. The note instructed Giles to deliver $1,500 to the Durango Harley-Davidson dealership at 750 South Camino del Rio, and implied the police would be of no help. The note is now evidence and the exact wording is being withheld while the investigation continues.

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