12 February 2007

"Intelligent Design" is Neither

Happy Birthday wishes go out to biologist and scientist Charles Darwin, born on this date in 1809. In these days of modern times when Darwin's work is being attacked by the creationist whackjobs in the White House, it's good to pause and consider the true marvel of Darwin's achievements.

Daily Kos has an elegant appreciation of Charles Darwin that everybody should read:

As a boy, Charles Darwin considered becoming a parson or a doctor. But a love of science soon consumed him and his course was set to become a naturalist. At age 22, unfulfilled and restless with youth, he took advantage of an offer to sail the exotic south Pacific on a ship called the H.M.S. Beagle....

Even as a skeptic, I cannot imagine greater testimony to the brilliance of a Creator than a myriad of dazzling, complex processes unfolding over vast oceans of space and time in exquisite order, spanning the entire cosmos. If I were a Pastor, I'd encourage my congregation to rejoice in the diversity of God's marvelous creatures and be thankful for the amazingly elaborate biochemical mechanisms those ancestral benefactors endowed us with. They would never again have to fear that science would undermine their faith. Indeed, if anything, the grandeur of the natural world would only serve to strengthen it.

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