16 February 2007

Friday Abe Vigoda Blogging

Tomorrow is the day, the grand and glorious day, when people around the world will come together to celebrate the birthday of The Artist Formerly Known as Fish, Mr. Abe Vigoda.

Yup, the Bard of Barney Miller was born on 17 February 1921. Fortunately, Mr. Vigoda is alive and well to enjoy the festivities.

I'll be heading to the big Abe Vigoda Birthday Bash at Madison Square Garden. How will YOU celebrate Abe Vigoda's birthday?


Waterford Kurmudgeon said...

Isn't nice how the federal government honors AV by giving federal employees a three day weekend? They call it "President's Day", but we know it is AV's birthday Extravaganza!!!

Rick DeMent said...

He needs to run. Run Abe Run!!!!!